About Ongky Wijana

Ongky Wijana is a Balinese master stone carver and sculptor who has been introduced to the richness of Celtic culture by his wife, Hannah who hails from the Isle of Man. Since visiting the British Isles he has expanded his creative range and has produced a number of custom pieces which reflect the artistic influences of Europe and in particular the Celtic tradition. Although only thirty two, Ongky's skills have taken him to Taiwan and Hawaii carving and installing statues, custom panels and ornaments for hotels and villas. He also travelled to Germany for the 2011 European Stone Carving Festival, at which he won first prize for his carving. He now creates and exports bespoke carvings for clients all over the world. Ongky is exceptional in his ability to capture the character of people, pets and wildlife in stone, a medium which is singularly unforgiving. The realism of his carvings of mammals, birds and reptiles have produced awed reactions in those who have seen them. He has recently produced a series of stone crosses and interlaced monuments which along with a project based on dragons has sold in the UK and Australia. Water features, fountains and architectural panels can also be designed and installed and he is available for long term restoration work. Ongky is currently working in Bali, but plans to be back in Britain in April or May.